Monday, September 22, 2008

Poland To Vote On Restoration Of Epiphany Public Holiday

Sources: Polskie Radio and Poland public holidays ( Following a petition (our post of June 27) which garnered over 600.000 signatures, Poland's parliament is set to vote in early October on the possible Restoration of the January 6 Epiphany public holiday. Some MPs for the ruling Civic Platform Party have indicated that they plan to introduce an amendment to cancel the May 1st public holiday, to keep the total number of public holidays unchanged.

Epiphany is the only holy day of obligation which has not been restored as a public holiday, since Poland regained control of its affairs in the early 1990's.

A recent poll indicates that a majority of respondents prefer Epiphany as opposed to May Day, but only by a margin of 50%-35%. This low margin, despite the association of May 1st with half a century of communism, is due to the fact that May 3rd is also a public holiday in Poland, allowing poles to have an extra-long early-May holiday break most years.